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fans at Indiana game

fans at Indiana game

As we each learn on the field, success doesn’t come through the efforts of the individual, it comes with the collective efforts of each player to rise above herself to play for her teammates. Although we always want to win, our larger goal is to create an elite rugby program at the University of Michigan that can compete at the highest level in the country. In order to do that we need a team effort to create a better, larger, and more sustainable rugby program.

That’s why we need your help. We are trying to build up our donation base in order to create an endowment fund that will allow our club to become self-sustainable. Of an annual budget totally nearly $30,000, only 10% comes from the University. Another 10% comes from fundraising efforts and donations while the other 80% comes strictly from player dues. Listed below are some specific items that are necessary for club operations and players. Without your help players are responsible for all expenses.  You can begin by targeting a specific item below. 

Team expenses
Hotel Stay: $1000
Field Rental: $700
Van rental and gas for 1 away game: $600
Union membership: $400
Balls and cones: $300
Referee fee: $200
USA Rugby membership: $150
Recruiting expenses: $150
Team dinner for 1 social: $100
medical supplies: $100

Individual expenses
player dues: $175
cleats: $100
kit bag: $70
team apparel: $50
CIPP registration: $40
uniform: $40
mouthguard: $5

Every little bit counts and 100% of your donation goes towards helping the team compete and become more sustainable. You can click on the “Donate Now” button on the left or on the link at the end of this page. Thank you in advance for your support! Forever GO BLUE!