Get Ready for our Wolverine Tournament!!

The inaugural Wolverine Women’s 7s tournament is next week Saturday April 18! UMWRFC will be putting our new turf fields at Mitchell Field to the test with an all day tournament including competition from the Big 10, Missouri, and other Michigan areas. We will be crowning bowl and plate champions, as well as the Big 10 7s champions, so be prepared for some exciting rugby! Games start around 9:30am, but Michigan will have their first kickoff at 11:20am. We will also be selling tournament t-shirts and Michigan Rugby apparel so fans can cheer us on in style. This is a great opportunity for us to play some strong teams in preparation for the CRC’s, so come on out and get a glimpse of what’s to come in May! Follow us on Twitter @umichwrugby or on Facebook for more updates.

We are also looking to sell more tickets for CRC’s this upcoming May. If you’re interested, bring out your family and friends for a great weekend of rugby. You can purchase tickets through this link!

UMWRFC is hosting Wolverine Tournament

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In honor of brand new turf and grass fields out at Mitchell, we’re inaugurating a 7s tournament called Wolverine Women’s 7s. This will be an annual 7s tournament held in April with teams from the B10 and other mid-western schools. We’re hoping to have as many as 12 teams, and there will be both cup and plate winners. This will not only be great competition and practice for our upcoming CRC tournament in May, but also serves as another step in our progression toward becoming a leader in women’s rugby 7s! For more information on our winter 2015 schedule, click on our “schedule” tab.

35 for 35: Celebrating 35 years of UMWRFC

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This year we are celebrating 35 years of UMWRFC. Starting up in 1980, it is hard to believe that the club has come so far. Starting out, it was hard to gather up just 15 girls to go out on the field. Now, we are confidently able to set up an A and B side to compete, which has allowed us to grow into a very strong, competitive team for the midwest.

As part of our celebration of 35 years as a successful club, we are trying to implement a new fundraiser so that we can progress even further as an organization to represent the University of Michigan. Our goal is to gather interest from at least 35 alumni members or fans to donate 35 dollars every month to our club for a year, in honor of our 35 year celebration. For UMWRFC, a little money goes a long way, and this would help us tremendously in funding a new coach, which we are currently in the process of interviewing and hiring. In order to progress as a club, the team decided that it would be in the club’s best interest to fund an exceptionally qualified coach so that the team can grow as a united unit with a stable coaching staff, while also learning new, innovative ways of rugby. For any who are interested, please contact Jasmine Dennis at

Purchasing CRC tickets


For those of you interested in coming out and watching us play at the CRC’s May 30th-31st, you can purchase tickets via this link. The CRC’s is a nation-wide tournament that brings in a lot of rugby talent from all across the country. We are excited to gain more exposure to rugby 7’s as well as playing some new, challenging teams from all across the country. Come out and cheer us on for a fun weekend at the CRC’s!

UMWRFC is going to the CRC’s


UMWRFC has been given the great opportunity to participate in the invitational CRC’s 7’s tournament in Philadelphia this upcoming May 30th-31st. We are very excited to be invited to such a prestigious tournament, which will also give us some exposure to great teams all across the country. Check out this article that mentions UMWRFC in the CRC invitational! 

Our participation in such a national event is a huge step for UMWRFC to get our name out as well as to learn and grow as rugby players. The team will be working hard on perfecting their skills as well as improving their conditioning with weekly workouts.This is such a great opportunity for us to be invited and we will make the most of it and have high hopes of coming home with a trophy!

As part of a fundraiser, the team will be selling tickets for those who are interested in coming out and watching us play. If you’re interested in buying tickets, click this link . Also be sure to check our Facebook page for more progress on this 2015 season.

Getting ready for 7’s season!

With the fall season over, UMWRFC will start training for their seven’s season this winter. UMWRFC will be training harder as well as becoming more dedicated to the team in order to perform well in their upcoming tournaments. UMWRFC has also been invited to compete at the CRC’s this upcoming May, and UMWRFC is dedicated to building a competitive team in order to come home with a trophy. With the help of Coach Stu, the team will be working hard in the gym to improve their strength and conditioning. In addition, hopes are high for the girls to expand the club by retaining more recruits by working and improving upon recruiting techniques. Stay tuned for practice and game updates as the season and program develops!

UMWRFC vs. Notre Dame

Last Sunday, UMWRFC showed great improvement in their structure, offensively and defensively, against Notre Dame. Their last couple of weeks of hard practice really paid off and the girls ended the game with a win (score: 74-0). The forwards had improved their rucking technique and the backs had improved their fast ball movement out to the wing. It was a great way to end the Big Ten season for 2014 and gives UMWRFC lots to work on as well as improve upon with the 7’s winter season steadily approaching in January of 2015. In the off season, UMWRFC will be working on strength and conditioning with their coach Stu Roche as well as fundraising for the upcoming season!

UMWRFC v. Purdue

This past weekend, UMWRFC took on Purdue in some cold, rainy weather for their second home game. UMWRFC showed lots of ball movement with the backs, using their agility and speed to score lots of tries against Purdue. UMWRFC came out with another win, ending the game with a score of 106-0. However, the scoreboard doesn’t show the amount of improvement that needs to be made in order to compete against Notre Dame next Sunday. With structure lacking after multiple phases of play, UMWRFC will focus on keeping their structure and being able to set up multiple strike runners to offset the defense. Michigan plans to increase their focus this week in order to end their season on a positive note.


Last Saturday, UMWRFC drove to Penn State to take them on in their fourth game of the Big Ten series. They were prepared to play a big defensive game against PSU. UMWRFC held up a tight front in the first half, with their defense showing great improvement, ending with a score of 15-12. As the second half went on, PSU made great runs and unfortunately UMWRFC wasn’t able to keep up. The game ended with a score of 55-12, but UMWRFC took away some great points to work on in the upcoming week for their next game, including keeping structure through multiple phases and also working on running onto the ball at pace to create a greater offensive threat.