Rock Hard Sevens


Under the guidance of coach Stu and coach Fred, UMWRFC has spent this summer developing a Rugby Sevens squad. The team of 12 girls have been working tirelessly all summer long in efforts to present a well trained, cohesive team. With twice weekly practices and team runs, the girls put in much effort in order to rise to the occasion. Last weekend, the UMWRFC Rugby Sevens team had an early morning departure for the Rock Hard Sevens Tournament in Grand Rapids, MI. The girls faced teams like the Michigan Mutts and Davenport. The day started off with a match up against the Lady Killers of Ferris State University. UMWRFC came out strong against the Lady Killers, keeping the defense on their heals and charging down the pitch with many try scoring  breakaways. This first game even gave way to Steph Buno’s and Lisa Cooper’s first tries ever. Congratulations to them! The team then faced the Michigan Mutts who played a hard game and who’s combined years of Rugby experienced earned them a win over UMWRFC. The girls then faced Davenport in two consecutive games.  UMWRFC came out on top in both games thus securing a 3rd place title in the Rock Hard Sevens Women’s Open. Key elements in the overall success of the team this past weekend were teamwork, communication, hard strike runners and fitness. These elements proved to be crucial as the tournament progressed and UofM performed well. At the end of the day, coach Fred announced Fall 2012 rookie Jasmine Dennis as player of the game and Steph Buno as most dedicated sevens player! The girls adapted swiftly to the more expansive and explosive pace of sevens in turn providing hope for future UMWRFC Rugby Sevens Development. Thanks to the few Michigan alumnae and Ann Arbor WRFC players who came out to the tournament!

UMWRFC v. Lady Killers w 34-7

UMWRFC v. Michigan Mutts L 5-24

UMWRFC v. Davenport w 26-7

UMWRFC v. Davenport w 17-7