Loss to Penn State

Last weekend the Wolverines took on the defending DI National Champions at home and found out what it really takes to be a national champion with a 50-0 loss. While that score was embarrassingly bad, it doesn’t quite tell the entire story of the game.  Penn State drew first blood quickly with a try in the early minutes of the game. But the Wolverines quickly rallied and they were able to hold Penn State for long periods of time and actually play quite a bit of rugby on PSU’s half before allowing another score to happen. Most of Penn State’s tries came up due to little mistakes by Michigan, one missed tackle, or one quick lineout and they were gone for a total of eight tries. And while Michigan was able to possess the ball for at least half the game, we were not able to capitalize on PSU’s mistakes. This week we’re going to work on support and offloading into space in order to move forward. While the loss does sting, we are able to take it as a learning experience in order to prepare during our bye-week to take on Ohio State on Oct. 20.

Michigan 0 Penn State 50