UMWRFC Road to Nationals

After a long season complete with equals parts victory and defeat, UMWRFC rallied to end the season on a high note with their 64-17 win over Notre Dame. Set to a back drop of clear skies and still air, the girls where able to put together all of the pieces that they’d worked on all season long. UMWRFC utilized a quick yet controlled pace, coupled with aggressive striking running and cohesion between the backs and forwards to win the game. Though U of M scored several tries against the Fighting Irish, the girls found themselves under pressure several times. UMWRFC was able to hold their defensive wall, phase after phase and only allowing two tries to be scored against them. This win has secured UMWRFC a spot at playoffs.

In this new year, you can find UMWRFC working diligently as they prepare to compete for a seed to nationals.  Facing some of the toughest teams in the league, UMWRFC is working towards improving fitness as well as fluidity and instincts in play. UMWRFC will see two practices a week with the experienced coaching staff, as well as regularly scheduled scrimmages and individual work out initiatives.  Stay tuned and follow along on UMWRFC’s journey to nationals.

UMWRFC v. Purdue

Last weekend, UMWRFC faced off against the Boilermakers at Purdue. Fresh off of a great win against Illinois, U of M was prepared to continuing building to the structure of their game. UMWRFC played with the structure and pace that they lacked in last weeks game, which helped them to seal the 83-5 win against Purdue. U of M focused on producing structured phase play, remaining clinical and not frantic during rough spots of the game. Just a few minutes before half time, Purdue managed to score a tri off of a break away runner out on the wing. After half, Michigan played with a tighter defensive line, preventing any more tri out wide by Purdue. U of M’s offensive attack included a harmonious partnership between the backs and forwards which enable them to score several more tries. 

Purdue- 5

UMWRFC vs. Illinois

UMWRFC takes on Illinois at their home pitch! Coming off of three consecutive losses, UMWRFC had a lot to prove to themselves. The girls came out blazing against the Illinois side. Utilizing dynamic strike runners Michigan was able to march down into the Illinois half for much of the game. UMWRFC struggled to maintain its own internal structure which in turn created several opportunities for the Illinois side. Despite the struggle to maintain structure throughout the game, Michigan’s strike running and quick pace earned a win against Illinois.

Michigan 55
Illinois 0

UWWRFC v. Penn State

The game against Penn State started and finished as a defensive game for UMWRFC. With Penn State keeping much of the possession, UMWRFC found themselves on their heels. Despite this flow of the game,  UMWRFC stepped up to the plate and answered Penn Sates defensive questions. UMWRFC performed well at containing much of the forward action around the ruck.  A quick defensive line and hard tackles prevented the Penn State side from scoring many more tris during the game. Although Penn State took the match with a 66-0 win, Michgan gained some valuable take away points for next weeks game! Next week, UMWRFC will focus on structure through multiple phases and using dynamic strike runners in order to be more of a threat offensively.

Penn State- 66
Michigan- 0 

Fall Workouts!

On this past Wednesday morning at 7:30 A.M. sharp, the UMWRFC began their fall 2013 strength and conditioning program. Designed by Coah Stu, strength and conditioning coach, the program is aimed at developing more dynamic skills. These dynamic skills will in turn help UMWRFC better reach their goals on the pitch. The program involves weight lifting and core strengthening exercises that will impact the girls on the field fitness and play. The girls are currently in week of of the workout plan.


With a backdrop of wet, cloudy and rainy, UMWRFC was set to take down long time rivals OSU. This game proved to be a very difficult one as OSU set out with a very powerful and dynamic game play. OSU made use of the gray and wet weather, playing a tight and aggressive game up front. UMWRFC failed to effectively counter OSU’s use of hard and fast striker runners off of there forwards. When Michigan did have possession, they were challenged with the task of being more creative in offense play and to be more dynamic in their use of the backs and forwards together. This weekend UMWRFC saw another lost but still remains dedicated to improving their game and taking on Penn State at home next weekend!


UMWRFC vs. Indiana

In the second game of the season, UMWRFC falls to Indiana. Indiana played a strong and aggressive game with quick pace. UMWRFC struggled on defense as IU was able to penetrate the defensive line and score. Indiana brought an energy to the pitch that UMWRFC fought against through out the duration of the game.  Using their strong forwards off of a pick and go, Michigan put one try on the board right before half followed by one more try before the close of the game. UMWRFC vs Indiana highlighted the girls need for continued development in tackling and aggressiveness on offense. UMWRFC will take these lessons into next weeks game against OSU.
Go Blue!

Indiana 32
Michigan 12
Deycha Robinson – 1 try
Sara Nagy – 1 try & 1 conversion