UMWRFC vs. Notre Dame

Last Sunday, UMWRFC showed great improvement in their structure, offensively and defensively, against Notre Dame. Their last couple of weeks of hard practice really paid off and the girls ended the game with a win (score: 74-0). The forwards had improved their rucking technique and the backs had improved their fast ball movement out to the wing. It was a great way to end the Big Ten season for 2014 and gives UMWRFC lots to work on as well as improve upon with the 7’s winter season steadily approaching in January of 2015. In the off season, UMWRFC will be working on strength and conditioning with their coach Stu Roche as well as fundraising for the upcoming season!

UMWRFC v. Purdue

This past weekend, UMWRFC took on Purdue in some cold, rainy weather for their second home game. UMWRFC showed lots of ball movement with the backs, using their agility and speed to score lots of tries against Purdue. UMWRFC came out with another win, ending the game with a score of 106-0. However, the scoreboard doesn’t show the amount of improvement that needs to be made in order to compete against Notre Dame next Sunday. With structure lacking after multiple phases of play, UMWRFC will focus on keeping their structure and being able to set up multiple strike runners to offset the defense. Michigan plans to increase their focus this week in order to end their season on a positive note.


Last Saturday, UMWRFC drove to Penn State to take them on in their fourth game of the Big Ten series. They were prepared to play a big defensive game against PSU. UMWRFC held up a tight front in the first half, with their defense showing great improvement, ending with a score of 15-12. As the second half went on, PSU made great runs and unfortunately UMWRFC wasn’t able to keep up. The game ended with a score of 55-12, but UMWRFC took away some great points to work on in the upcoming week for their next game, including keeping structure through multiple phases and also working on running onto the ball at pace to create a greater offensive threat.


Last Friday, UMWRFC took on MSU in their first home game and first night game. UMWRFC came out with a win, another first for them! showing skill in fast ball movement, the backs and forwards worked well together and were able to get the ball out wide on multiple occasions. Many backs including Elena Olsen, Jasmine Dennis, and Ivory Edwards had good fast runs, gaining ground closer to the try line, and eventually ending the game with a score of 45-10. Thanks to all of the fans who helped support UMWRFC by coming out and watching the game and for participating in the Pledge-a-Point Fundraiser!

Pledge-a-point Fundraiser Under the Lights!!

This coming Friday, October 3rd, UMWRFC will be hosting their first home game of the season as well as their first night game to battle MSU! They will also be conducting their pledge-a-point fundraiser, where fans pledge to donate to UMWRFC for every point Michigan scores against MSU! This is their biggest fundraiser of the year, so come out and help support them and watch a fun game of rugby as they take on Michigan State in one of the biggest rivalries in college history! For more information on the pledge-a-point fundraiser, visit our “Homecoming pledge-a-point fundraiser” page.

UMWRFC vs. Indiana

On Saturday, UMWRFC drove down to Illinois to take on Indiana with high hopes of coming out with a victory. Unfortunately, the forwards and backs weren’t able to work together to create fast moving ball throughout the first half, ending the first half with a score of 35-0. After half-time though, UMWRFC was able to hold their defensive line and started to create some plays with the forwards and backs working together, showing a great amount of improvement. By the end of the second half, UMWRFC scored a try and conversion and Indiana only scored one try, ending with a score of 42-7. The team is focusing on some improvements to make this week, including working together for creative ball movement and also improving our rucking techniques, in order to be prepared to take on MSU under the lights this coming Friday!

UMWRFC vs. Ohio State

To kick off the season, UMWRFC drove down to Columbus last weekend to take on the Buckeyes. The girls were hopeful after training hard in the previous weeks and felt prepared after having a few scrimmages against Davenport and Central Michigan. However, UMWRFC’s defense wasn’t able to hold up against the fast moving ball out wide to the OSU backs. Michigan kept up the battle, scoring two tries throughout the game, but weren’t able to stop the Buckeyes, with a final score of 50-14. This past week, the girls have been working a lot on improving their defense structure, tackling techniques, and rucking intensity. UMWRFC looks forward to going down to Indiana tomorrow to take them on! Wish us luck and follow us on Twitter for live game updates!