UMWRFC Road to Nationals

After a long season complete with equals parts victory and defeat, UMWRFC rallied to end the season on a high note with their 64-17 win over Notre Dame. Set to a back drop of clear skies and still air, the girls where able to put together all of the pieces that they’d worked on all season long. UMWRFC utilized a quick yet controlled pace, coupled with aggressive striking running and cohesion between the backs and forwards to win the game. Though U of M scored several tries against the Fighting Irish, the girls found themselves under pressure several times. UMWRFC was able to hold their defensive wall, phase after phase and only allowing two tries to be scored against them. This win has secured UMWRFC a spot at playoffs.

In this new year, you can find UMWRFC working diligently as they prepare to compete for a seed to nationals. ¬†Facing some of the toughest teams in the league, UMWRFC is working towards improving fitness as well as fluidity and instincts in play. UMWRFC will see two practices a week with the experienced coaching staff, as well as regularly scheduled scrimmages and individual work out initiatives. ¬†Stay tuned and follow along on UMWRFC’s journey to nationals.

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